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secunia psi 2.0

mbam daz.

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has anybody tried the new secunia psi v2.0?

ive got it installed but it maxes the cpu out everytime i open the window.

I just wondered if anybody else was experiencing this and had an solution.

many thanks.

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How long does your CPU usage max out?

Loading the application maxes out the CPU for a couple moments, then stays that way for a while for me as well.

After clicking on some of the settings the CPU comes back down. It will take a bit of fiddling to see what is causing the CPU Usage.

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it is on 100% for quite awhile,well continuously in fact.

It never did this when i first installed.Its a pity because i like this program and im thinking of un-installing if it continues because it will not scan properly when the cpu is at full stretch.

ive visited the secunia forum and it appears to be a common problem amongst users.

It has to be a bug of some sort.


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Hello again,

Yes, I cannot seem to find a configuration that doesn't just suck up all the CPU. Nice looking UI but with a huge drawback so far from testing this software.

Hope you are having a great start to the new year.

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i eventually un-installed secunia.

I visited their website and apparently a new version was released yesterday.

Ive installed this new version and it appears to be running just fine now.

yes it has been a good year so far.lets hope the rest is just as good.

happy new year to you also.

many thanks.

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