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Post Holiday Blues


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NEW YORK, Jan 3, 2011

Shake Off Your Post-Holiday Blues

Contributor and Psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein Shares Tips to Get You Right Out of Your After-Party Funk

(CBS) Do you feel a little blue after the holidays?

"Early Show" contributor and psychologist Dr. Jennifer Hartstein said on the broadcast Monday it's absolutely normal to feel a little down after the rush of the season.

"We have all of this stuff going on from really the end of the October, from Halloween, through the end of the December," she said. "We are going, going, going. And often, there's nothing left after that. We go back to the regular lives and we're bummed out about it."

On the broadcast Monday, she offered some tips for getting yourself back on track.

How do you know if you have the blues?

Hartstein said mood swings can be an indicator.

She said. "(You may) feel more depressed or more irritable. Then you might get headaches, you might notice they're stress headaches, because you're not sure what's happening. Or you're feeling anxious, 'What will I do with my time? Where do I go next?' Or exhausted, or the flip side: insomnia. You're fatigued. They really mimic depression, but are usually shorter-term."

Hartstein explained to "Early Show" co-anchor Chris Wragge there is a difference between the effect on kids and adults.

"We think kids don't experience that letdown. Why wouldn't they?" she said. "We have to think that they would. They have been on vacation. They haven't been in school. Their responsibilities have been minimal. They've been getting to play with all this new stuff and see family, maybe they don't see a lot. You want to work on getting the kids back into the routine as best as possible and anticipate maybe a little bit of stubbornness going back to school, just like we might feel going back to work."

So what can you do for your kids and yourself?

Find out more here: http://www.cbsnews.com/stories/2011/01/03/earlyshow/health/main7208532.shtml

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