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Weird one.. MBAMPro declared trojan dropper at install;


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File Name : register.exe

File Size : 65536 byte

File Type : PE32 executable for MS Windows (console) Intel 80386 32-bit

MD5 : 9c88a3edd2e88bf2d7db952679ca5116

SHA1 : 81dfef0f3e10aec258a69f536f3e8576160f510f

Ran it at various online virus scanners.. a few declared Malware; especially McAfee.. On VIRUS TOTAL has 1 possible and 1 positive out of 36 scanners.

Ran it through Malwarebytes from the file's quarantine position and mbam.exe /developer mode didn't let a peep. As you can see from screen clip 2 above, MBAMPro declared it a trojan when installing it from the packed download.

The ANUBIS file is in PDF format:

https://anubis.iseclab.org/?action=result&a...5fd0a09a9295a65 (This was the results of the complete EXE-PAK'd download)



So is this a false positive?? (Database 5436 / Also hit on yesterdays various databases.


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This seems to be the one. Downloaded from hxxp://download.cnet.com/Registry-Cleaner/3000-2086_4-10844171.html?tag=mncol;3 - matches the picture...

Thanks LOON3R, for downloading and zipping it for Bruce.. (and me :welcome:).. I had to go grocery shopping.. I'd already wasted two hours on preparing/investigating the file; I didn't have the time.


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Let me add that just because a download site claims something does not have spyware or whatever, this does not mean that some application will detect it a such based on that applications parameters.

All vendors use their own set of parameters for determining what is or is not classified as one thing or another.

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This should be fixed now.

You're quite welcome; Bruce..

@Tom: Always a pleasure to be able to return some of the assistance you always give us in Suspect Users.. Since Bruce said, "This should be fixed now." I make the assumption it was a false hit and MBAMPro was tweaked to make in NOT so.. :welcome:

EDIT: Unpacked said program and installed and used same with no problems or warnings.. - Thanks!


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