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Scheduler discrepancy

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I have two paid versions of Malwarebytes. One is installed on my husband's 2K computer and the other on my XP computer. The updating schedule on the 2K computer has never worked properly. I just update manually everytime I do anything on his computer. Today I decided to do more investigating. Both computers are running version His was updated several days ago when I manually checked for updates and mine was downloaded in the background today and offered to me.




His computer does not have the option to check for updates every few hours; the only choice is days.

As you can see, my computer has been doing this in hourly increments since April so it isn't a new feature.

What should I do to fix this on the 2K computer?

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Have you tried deleting the old schedule on the Windows 2000 computer, then click on the dropdown box that says daily, select Hourly from the list, change the Starting On time to the time when you want to update to start running, and then click the 'Add' button to add the new schedule?

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Since I can't edit my post, I see you are referring to the very first box. I haven't changed that and that is exactly where the change needs to be made. Thanks for calling my attention to a spot I was not looking at! :) I'm off to fix it now!

I didn't see this before I posted what's below. Just in case someone else has the issue, I won't bother editing it out. :)

I just fired up Windows 2000 Service Pack 4 (with Update Rollup 1) and the scheduler is working fine. See the screenshots below:




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