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Have I really been that bad??

Guest garybear

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Guest garybear

Hello !! Have I really been that bad?? I have fought my heart out for MBAM. On every forum I have stood up for MBAM. Check out fasebook . Check out all the forums. I'm tired of being picked on. Check out Google. I've been on your side for a long time. You don't want to stick up for yourself. I've tired my best to be one of you, but I'm not good enough. Every time I post on this forum , I get warned or deleted. I love MBAM. It has saved me a million times from malicious Chinese IP's. I know I'm old and senile and computer illiterate. Some have been friendly here, but I guess they get warned to stay away from this old trouble maker.

I'm saying my piece. I have fought for MBAM for a long time. I'm not asking for any money. I have more than I can spend. My wife is part owner of the soon to be largest wind farm in Oklahoma. I would just like a little respect here. Is that asking to much?? I'm not trying to be a star here. I just want to be excepted. There are some I would like to thank, but that would give you a black eye. I will just say thank you. You know who you are. This old man loves you.

Happy New Year my friends!!


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Guest garybear

Maybe I haven't earned respect. It's not because I'm not trying. I don't want to be a star here. I know I make dumb topics and reply's. I'm a self taught old man that loves people. I smoked to long and now I'm paying the price. Being on forums is about all I can do before running out of air. I know this forum is to help people that are infected.

We all aren't infected and need to talk about other things. If that's wrong, I'm sorry. I try not to interfere with the main goal of this forum. I have praised MBAM on every forum that I have joined. I have been banned on some for ranting about another program. That don't slow me up. I think MBAM is the best program ever designed . You can disrespect me if you choose, but I'll still be loyal to you MBAM.

You can delete this if you choose. I have had my say and I'm not regretting it!!

Gary!! PS I mean no disrespect to anyone on this forum. I hope freedom of speech prevails here!!

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  • Root Admin

We just don't do a lot of social chatting here Gary. Part of the difference I think is that we are a business and we use the forum to help support the product and help users with specific computers issues. You might find a more open forum with a lot of chatting from another forum like one of the ones below. You can post here if you like but just don't expect a lot of back and forth discussion as that is not how we are geared and operate here is all. Some of the forums below probably do have a lot of back and forth discussions which you may like better.











There are hundreds of other similar forums on the Internet if none of those perk your interest, just do a search for what you're interested in and forum on Google and you should get a lot of hits.

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Guest garybear

Hello sir!! I can not ask for more respect than you have just shown me. I thank you sir. I will check those forums out. I wish I could add more here , but my computer knowledge is limited. I have fought hard for MBAM and I believe in the program. I can see why MBAM picked you for your position. You sir are a gentleman and this old man admires you. Thank you sir for your kind reply to my post. I'm felling a lot better about myself. I was pretty much down in the dumps, but you have lifted my spirits and I thank you sir. I have been out spoken and received a lot of grief from the competition. I do not regret one minute of it. MBAM is no.1 in the malware program. The malicious IP's have stopped and I'm very happy about that. I thank you Ron from the bottom of my heart and I really hope I haven't caused you a lot of grief. Good night my friend. I will sleep very well tonight.


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