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Can't install on D:\ partition

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Hi all,

I'm trying to install MBAM on my D:\ partition. I follow directions but I still wind up with 5 folders on my C:\ partition (Doc & Setting - Adm; All Users; etc.) that contain the program.

How do I get it to install on the D partition only: other than a few KB's of ShortCuts in the Programs\Start menu?

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Hi Mainard,

I've got almost all my programs on my D:\ partition. The only programs that are on the C:\ partition are ones that won't let me install elsewhere.

Reason? I like to keep my C:\ drive as clean and unbloated as possible. Every scan, defrag, etc., goes extremely quickly with 3GB used rather than going through 80GBs of stuff. Plus, I keep the programs "Install.exe" in the folder with the program and backed-up on a removable external drive. That way if the disk\OS gets munged, I've got everything I need right there.

Anyway, how do I install all MBAM (except for what's basically needed on the C:\) on my D:\ partition?

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  • Root Admin

You can install the main program on the D: volume but there are certain files that will still go into the profiles folder as it is designed to be that way.

Uninstall the program and then re-install it but choose the D:\Program Files\Malwareybytes or whatever folder you want and the main files will install there but drivers and the rules database will remain in the All user and your profile.

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