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Protection for Windows Live Mail


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I recently bought a new computer for my parents. I disabled all of the Norton security and bought a copy of Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware for their computer since I am a big fan.

They use Windows Live Mail for email. Per a support ticket question I submitted, today I have discovered that Malwarebytes' Anti-Malware does not scan email that comes in via POP3. Nor does it provide real-time scanning of the email attachments, I believe.

Please advise on recommended solutions. I prefer to not install Norton or McAfee since these programs seem to really slow down computer performance. I am open to suggestions.


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kaspersky internet security is a good anti-virus and it scans emails and has a anti-spam to also windows defender can scan emails and downloaded files and a anti-virus does that to but you will need to add mbam to the exclusions of kaspersky please see HERE

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Nope. They removed it.:lol:

But its back

Yeah. Not to fond of that. Asked on the forum and they said it does it about once a week.


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@ OP :

you are right about the two programs you mentioned slowing a machine down .

you simply "turned off" the antivirus program ? personally , i would do a full uninstall of the program .

and some "anti" programs do not clean up after themselves very well ... not to mention some others . :lol:

read here first :


then you can use this tool to really swab the deck :


or go here and use the appropriate link to download the specific uninstaller you need :


this site has been mentioned elsewhere at these forums and is a good source for information/programs/tools .

as for an antivirus that scans emails ...

avg does have that function .

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