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I find it odd that MBAM doesn't list allow drivers to be added under system32/sysWOW64 other then it's self. Think this should be addressed to prevent possible conflicts.:)

By the way, mbamswissarmy is being listed under System32/Drivers when adding via the ignore list. Should be under sysWOW64 as this is a 64 bit. mbam.sys is not shown at all and mbamswissarmy is shown under both system32 and syswow64. MBAM is installed correctly, but is not enumerating the folders properly.

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MBAM allows drivers to be added to the Ignore List, but if you're on x64 they have to by in SysWOW64\drivers.

I just tested this myself. I have a driver called winmount.sys in my SysWOW64\drivers folder and I was able to add it manually to the Ignore List using the Add button:


This has to do with the fact that MBAM is a 32 bit program and therfore gets redirected to the 32 bit location (SysWOW64) instead of System32.

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