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Troubles updating

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I updated to v the other day, and at frist, the update problem many of us have been having was fixed - got database 5376 on 12/21/2010 with no problem.

This morning, however, the update problem is worse, now it does not even begin the update and show any progress, it simply stop working and Windows has to close the program. Win 7 Ult x64, also running Avast! 5.0.677 (free version). I made no changes to the PC overnight, it was off.

Also the scanner causes the same problem - program stops working windows closes it.

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OK, since all that happened between the update and this morning was a shut down and start up, I figure there must be a conflict with something that loads/start during a normal start up - so I booted up in Safe Mode (using F8 key) and in SafeMode the MBAM program updates and scans fine - found no malware and neither does Avast! So it seems to me the problem must be some of the drivers or programs/services loaded in normal boot of my system conflicting with MBAM, possibly the NVIDIA GTX-295 graphics board software/drivers - I have seen issues with them and other software before (esp. Win 7 power options/sleep mode). I'll have to try some additional boots with various things disabled and see if I can pin it down.

My WIN 7 Ult x64 Laptop (different graphics board) does not have the MBAM problems with the new version in a normal boot - it is running pretty much identical software.

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While in SafeMode, I ran the WIN troubleshooter to check my startup programs and let it fix issues it found, then rebooted in normal mode, now the update and scanner of MBAM v1.50.1.1100 work fine. Seems the troubleshooter disabled the startup of a couple things related to my HP scanner, Adobe, etc. Not sure which one was the culprit. When I get a chance I'll try to narrow it down. No malware, just regular mass-produced software mayhem!

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