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url to google search on my desktop - Rogue.Multiple


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Ok - This is the second of the two items in the attached developer log that I have question about.

I have on my desktop a url that I moved/saved from a google search I was doing long ago and want to return to. I know I could have used bookmarks but sometimes I just like to 'grab' the url from the browser address window and slide it to my desktop so I might notice it and get back to it quicker (rather than the higher odds that I will forget it in my 'sea' of bookmarks and lose it/forget it.)

So you can see in the log what it found and that it refers to it as a Rogue.Multiple which to be honest I don't really have a clue what it means and why I might be concerned about the "Multiple" part - so explaination would be great here. I did right click and ask to be taken to the website for an explaination but I was left without understanding.

Instead of taking a risk pasting a URL into this forum, instead I have on my desktop opened up the properties of that link and copied/pasted it into notepad and attached it as theURL.txt file to this note.

Is there something I should be concerned with here (I don't see it or understand it) or should I just set to 'Ignore'. And importantly - for the clients I recommend use and purchase MBAM - I'm sure some will have saved links on their desktop. I don't know if there is something unique or special about this one (a saved url to a google search) or if I should understand a bigger picture here so I can properly explain to clients what's OK or not and whether to 'ignore' or they should (or I) should look deeper at what that URL is (did they put it there, is is valid and good and going to a good spot or not.)

Guidance on this would very much be appreciated.

Thank you!

- David I

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