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Hi Rich,

I'm not convinced the automatic update is/was working as intended, as of a few weeks ago (I can't put a more exact time frame on it).

I've always had the option checked, but between version 1.50 and it never did the automatic update. I was only aware of version when I right-clicked on the MBAM icon on my taksbar, and then clicked Start Scanner. A pop-up opened informing me that a new version was available for download. I know of one other user that had exactly the same issue as me. Does this sound familar to you? Does checking for newer versions of the software only happen at set intervals in a day, or week, or at the same frequency as database updates?



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Checking for new versions of the software is a bit different then a database update. If you want your program version to be automatically updated, then you need to go to the "Settings" tab, and select Updater Settings from the three options, and make sure you put a check mark next to "Download and install program update if available." This will allow for the program to update versions when they are released.

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It doesn't automatically start the installer because you have it all setup silent and it can't reboot without asking you, and if it ran the program update without a reboot it would break until you rebooted so that is why it pops up when you manually run the scanner as it's already downloaded the new program and is awaiting approval from you.

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