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Is this happening for anyone else? On bootup, Security Center says no antivirus running, but it is. If MWB 'start with windows' not enabled, the warning doesn't come up. The antivirus actually IS running, however, as shown by Task Manager and the AV program itself. The issue seems to be between MWB and the Windows Security Center. Eventually, after a few minutes, the Security Center warning went away on it's own. 3 reboots with MWB not starting with Windows--no warning. With MWB starting with Windows, Security Center not happy.

Windows XP SP3. All exclusions set with MSE and MWB. Problem just started with the new update, although it didn't happen with the first reboot after installing the update. Or if it did, I didn't see it, anyway.

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So I just rebooted with MWB set to start with Windows, and no Security Center warning came up this time, but my MSE icon didn't show in the systray (although MSE was running...this is an ongoing annoyance experienced by many MSE users, and I just deal with it by opening task manager, disabling mssecsces.exe, and then using MSE's desktop icon to open up MSE, and the icon pops up in the systray immediately. A reboot will also fix it, but it's more inconvenient.).

So I'll make a note of whether or not the security center issue only occurs if the MSE icon doesn't come up. Since this is an intermittent thing, this could take a while to assess.

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Hi Amethyst

I saw this same behavior on two computers today.

Both had XP SP3, MSE 2.0 and MBAM 1.50.1 installed with all the latest updates.

I have been unable to find out what is causing it. Google searches have found others with this issue but no solution.

Unable to reproduce the problem on my own computers.

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I get this on two fairly slow XP computers, whether MalwareBytes is installed or not. It is a known issue with MSE. The false Security Centre Warning about MSE "might be out of date" has started occurring on my computers since the upgrade to MSE 2.0. I get either this with a red MSE icon or the missing MSE icon about 1/6 boots.

It is a nuisance, however it doesn't interfere with MSE Real Time Protection.

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