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Newest update version 1/50/1/1100

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#1-I just noticed that when I went to MB to download updated defs, it also downloaded a new version of MB.

Is this new version (all all future new versions) downloaded and installed automatically without asking for our consent?

#2- I notice that it now states:

Date: 12/22/2010

Database version: 5369

Fingerprints loaded: 294831


The date listed on MB is 12/22/10!

However, the date on all my PCs now is 12/21/2010. Why does MB show 12/22/10. What is wrong here?

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This was a typo in the database. Should be fixed shortly on the next update.

Would you please answer my question #1?

Also, the latest download states:

Date: 12/22/2010

Database version: 5370

Fingerprints loaded: 294833

I trust the date will change soon after this recent download.

Thank you.


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  • Staff

The date is actually fixed in 5371.

As far as question 1, That is actually up to you. :)

In the settings tab under updater settings the first check box:

download and install program update if available.

Checked will download the latest version of the program available. Unchecked won't.

I do strongly recommend the latest version always be installed. Our database is always optimized for the latest version and provides the best protection and removal capabilities with the latest program version.

Sorry i missed your first question. :)

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No problem. Thank you for your reply.

If I un-check the "Download and install program update if available," will we still be notified that there is an New version available?

I like to go to MB and then click on Update and have the new definitions downloaded.

I would also like to be notified that a new version is available and do I want to download it. Is that possible? (Is that what would happen if I uncheck that "Download and install program update if available?"

Hope this is not too confusing.


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