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Hi All

Newbie here. Have just discovered Malwarebytes on the CastleCops site, downloaded and ran the freebie and it looks impressive and very user friendly. I would like to know if it has any known issues working alongside my other security programmes.

I currently run

McAfee AV and Firewall,

CounterSpy The recommend not running their " Active Protection " as it may conflict with the AV scanner.


I also run another couple of " On Demand " programmes, but only in the " On Demand " mode.

Run Mozilla FireFox and ThunderBird, far more secure than IE / Outlook

KeyScrambler, to try and screw up the Kegloggers

Crap Cleaner, to clean up and keep an eye on the Registry.

I am also behind a Router with a Hardware Firewall.

Will Malwarebytes run alongside the above mentioned programmes,

Will the " Protection Module " run alongside the McAfee Anti Virus without interfering or conflicting with it.

I don't want to purchase the extra features of it if I have to run it as an " On Demand " programme only.



ps Nice looking site here

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Hi Hardhead.

Thanks for the reply.

Perhaps I should have been more specific with my original question. " Sorry"

My concern is that Malwarebytes Protection Mode will conflict with McAfee's AntiSpyware which is integrated within their Total Protection suite.


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