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Hello and :rolleyes:

The amount of memory the service uses depends on what you computer may be doing at the time, as well as you hardware.

The amount of memory that is being used by your computer is not abnormal..... IMO.

after the earlier version 1.43 a patch brought it dwn to around 35K

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This is what mine is using typically but as said it can vary depending on what's going on and what it's doing.

If it's actively blocking some site your visiting or it's blocking or detecting a file or interacting with the operating system to do something then it will obviously use more at that time.

Windows 7 Pro x64

Image Name					 PID Session Name		Session#	Mem Usage
========================= ======== ================ =========== ============
mbamservice.exe 2096 Services 0 44,800 K
mbamgui.exe 3316 Console 1 10,392 K

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A while back, version 1.42 I believe Mbamservice was running excessive memory usage. There was apatch that corrected this.

Now under the latest version 1.50 my process is using 74,256 of memory usage.

I just checked mine, and mbamservice is using 79,124. I'm not surfing the web, it's not doing much of anything (using 0 CPU), but still it's using 79,124 of memory.

And though it's not using much CPU now, it OFTEN uses a lot, so much so that various programs I've run (sometimes Process Lasso, sometimes Process Tamer, sometimes AnVir Task Manager Pro) flag it for excessive CPU usage. This has been true for months, not just with 1.50. And yes, I run daily scans with MBAM, all clean, and full scans less often with McAfee, all clean, and even once HiJack This (no problems). But the excessive CPU, even more than the amount of memory, impacts my WinXP Pro computer noticeably.

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