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Windows BSOD

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Hello, I just started using Malwarebytes and found it interesting that it seemed to find things that my old reliable Spyware Doctor apparently missed. Anyway, in those findings, there were a few items listed in the found list that weren't checked by default where others were. I don't recall seeing much explanation for one versus the other so being it was 'malware', I checked the unchecked boxes and went for the fix. Surprisingly, after clicking to repair, I ended up with the old Windoes Blue Screen of Death which kind of suprised me. I had my virus software shut off and Spyware Doctor so don't think it was a conflict issue but am unsure. My computer is an XPproSP2. Anyone else have issues such as this when running Malwarebytes? TIA

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Hello and :rolleyes:

If you had infections and cleaning them caused a BSOD, more than likely it was caused by the infection you had. How is your computer running now? Have you run another scan using Malwarebytes and seen if the infection is back? It may be possible that you will have to get assistance for one of the experts to make sure you are completly clean.

In the meantime.....

It would be a good idea to update to SP3 as support (including new security updates) ends July 13, 2010 for SP 2:

As Discussed HERE

Please post back if you have further questions.

Thank You :lol:

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