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Need help with automation setup

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Hello everyone! I would first like to thank you for producing this wonderful software. I have always been very impressed by the speed and thoroughness of scans, and I was happy to support you by purchasing software keys for all of my home computers. Now, on to my question! (I apologize if it has been answered somewhere else in the forum as I am new here and could not find it)

I am attempting to do the following:

1. Run a daily automatic update at 4:00 am from the password protected "Administrator" account of Windows XP pro 32 sp3. (I want to do this regardless of who is logged in [if anyone] since I spend almost all of my time in an extremely limited user account to help improve security)

2. Follow this update with a full system scan (at say 4:15 am), showing the results only if a problem has been detected. (again, regardless of who is logged in)

Issues encountered:

When I tried simply using the scheduler I received the following error when the computer was not logged into the administrator account: "(null) ERROR Scheduled scan failed: GetUserToken failed with error code 0"

Things tried:

I read elsewhere on the forum that it might help to do a clean reinstall of MBAM, so I removed, cleaned and reinstalled the program to no avail.

Thoughts on the issue:

I am guessing that this issue may have something to do with the fact that my security measure of using limited user accounts is working correctly, and not allowing MBAM to run without a password. Maybe I need to run this in windows task scheduler via a commandline switch which gives MBAM the administrator password in order to run? If so, how do I do this, and will it compromise my security to leave my administrator password in the task manager?

Other info:

I have not enabled the protection module on this particular computer as my system is very old and has only 512 MB ram (plus it is mainly just used as a music player connected to my home network, so not a major risk)

My primary antivirus software is MSE

I also use superantispyware free on a weekly basis, but only as a manual scan.

Any help would be appreciated. Thanks!

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