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The argument

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Jesus and the Devil have been arguing for more then 2000 years. One day, they ask God to pick a side and say who is right.

God says "Type your arguments, file them, and I will decide tomorrow."

So each sits at a computer and begins. They type furiously, each passionate about their point of view.

Then suddenly there is a power failure. After the computers come back up, the Devil starts cursing about having to start over from the begining.

Jesus however...

Finishes where he last left off...

And begins printing...







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oops. I forgot the legal disclaimer:

The preceding joke is not meant to offend anyone. To any Christian people who are offended by use of specific names or by the glaring plot holes, please pray for the author's soul and practice one of Jesus' great lessons: forgiveness. To any non-Christian people who are offended by the use of the specific names as a concept; please attempt to see the joke as fiction; there is plenty of fiction which should be permissible by your belief; please try to appreciate this as that. Please pray for the author's soul if required. To any Christian people who are offended by the previous discaimer, again, please pray for souls as need-be and again remeber the previously-mentioned great lesson. No rights are resevered including this author's soul. Trademarks and copyrights are held by their respective owners.

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