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Malware samples

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Hi! I want to create an educational screencast on rogue AVs. Basically, what I want to do, is describe what rogue malware is, how it works, then install a copy of system tool 2011 in a vm and demonstrate how to use malware bytes to remove it. The only problem is that I cant find a copy of the malware. Is there any way you could supply me with a sample? I realize that this is a strange request.

Kinda wish I saved that copy off of my mom's computer :)

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Hello and :)

I know that they do not provide samples to anyone. In order to be able to get samples from here you have to be a member of the right groups like experts group, malware reporters groups.

Sad to hear that. I have the whole presentation set up; This is the last piece before I can record the presentation. Any idea where else I may be able to find malware samples? I know that metasploit used to offer them for reverse engineering purposes, but they seem to have stopped.

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I am not able to provide the information of where to get samples sorry, I can however tell you there are same videos on how to remove them available on youtube site.

I am sure that there are videos on youtube. What I want to do is to produce a video as a promotion for an IT consulting company that I work for. I also would like to go more in depth into how these little bytes of pure evil work.

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