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What program should I make?


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I'm really, really bored and do know some programming (I've taken java classes at my university). Just wanted to hear some ideas for a simple program I could make or a good idea for an extension I could develop for google chrome or something. Have like 30 days of christmas break to do nothing. Preferably, I'd like to make something I could make, maintain and distribute while having a site to maintain and whatnot. This would be a long term project, and I don't know that much about coding and whatnot, but I'm learning pretty fast.

- Thanks and would love some ideas!

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Well, I am really not sure. I am extremely interested in Computers and Computer Science and have friends at school that can help me with more complex coding and things. I am thinking of making a site that either distributes free copies of Linux Ubuntu CDs (and have advertising to cover costs of hosting) as well as be a reseller for other things such as Malwarebytes hopefully :P. I also want to try and create a functional program, maybe something to do with security, but definitely not a game. I love playing games, but don't want the headache of making one :).

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mmmm what about some sort of a security checker?

I know there are plenty of these (such as Secunia and Chris [screen317] has made one as well), and there must be plenty out there, but it's something to think about.

Maybe something that checks the OS, status of 3rd party plugins (Adobe, QuickTime, RealPlayer, etc...) for up-to-date ness, and for the presence of some realtime antivirus software?

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Since it appears you would like to develop a website, I would suggest learning up on HTML and practicing on some tutorials on website creation. This will prove invaluable when you do want to develop a website for users to visit.

Perhaps even Flash if you so wish.

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I learned HTML in high school and we made webpages and stuff... and I also took a Dreamweaver class... pretty awesome stuff :)

This thread has some pretty good links for that too :)


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