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Number of Files checked by MBAM varies

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I have been using MBAM as a tool for occassional scans of my complete system for the past months. I have been using version 1.46 and the current Database. Today I wanted to update the database and a program update was offered to me which I installed. Currently I have version 1.50 installed. After that as usual I did a full system scan.

The scan took 1 hour and 50 minutes, the scans in the previous months took 2 hours and 10 or 20 minutes. And the number of files checked was smaller than in the scans before.

Last month: 334177

Today: 327644

There were no changes in my system, I did not remove or install any programs. Also no changes in the amount of data, potentially files have been added and not removed. I also did not change anything willingly in the setting of MBAM. I did everything as usual.

Is this behavior normal or is there something wrong? Do I need to worry? How can this behavior be explained?

Thank you very much in advance for your help!

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Hello Firefox,

thanks for your reply.

I appreciate that the new version reduces scan time due to increased performance of MBAM. But just to clarify: this also means that lesser files are searched or maybe the counting of the files has changed?

I am just curious why there is a smaller number of files though the system is 99% the same in terms of the amount of OS, stored files etc.

Thanks again!

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Thanks for the incredibly fast reply!

I understand that the number of temporary files varies. However, the difference is high, by 6,000 or more files. Thats why I was wondering. And manually I havent cleared the temporary files section in the last 3 weeks. Also I went throught my logs of the last months (I did a scan about every month, always however with version 1.46) and the number of files checked always slightly increased, never decreased to such an extent as it did yesterday.

Perhaps I worry too much, but I hope it's alright to bother you guys.

Thanks again!

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  • Staff

Its ok. No problem. Everything is fine. The count is all objects and not just files.. Registry entries, Memory processes etc.. All these will change and you can probably never run a scan back to back with the same results. We constantly update the database and way the Quick scan is performed so this will definitely change from database to database update also.

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