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Just wanted to say thanks

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recently my computer became a victim of xp antispyware 2009 and i tried everything i could to get rid of it. i tried Mcafee, spybot SD and adaware but nothing worked.

Then i found Malwarebytes. so i downloaded it and ran it not expecting much, (because all of the others did nothing). But low and behold it got rid of EVERYTHING!!! i was (and still am) incredibly happy!

i am posting this here because i do not know who to thank, but i need to thank someone because my computer is essential to my work and while it was infected it did anything but work.

I just want to shout out a thanks to everyone who put this together! :)

if this topic gets moved thats ok, if it is deleted that is fine as well. i just wanted to let people know that Malwarebytes has one more loyal customer!

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  • Root Admin

Hello blackhawk08 and Welcome to Malwarebytes.org

Thank you for the kind words and we appreciate the feedback.

You may want to go ahead though and follow these procedure to double-check and verify that your system is clean. Someone with experience in this area will review the information and provide free feedback and guidance as needed.

Please read and follow the instructions provided here: Pre- HJT Post Instructions

When ready please post your logs here: Malware Removal - HijackThis Logs

Someone will be happy to assist you further with cleaning your system.

During this scan and cleanup process you should not install any other software unless requested to do so.

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I am new to to this forum, I also had a problem and used malwarebytes it was recommended by a guy in my local pc shop, I rang him in desperation yesterday afternoon when my pc got infected by this antivirus2009 fake thingy saying I needed to download this through a pop up, but gladly I wasn't fooled by it... I could have cried when I realised what was happening to my pc, hopefully because I had eliminated it within a few hours it will now be gone for good! I really cannot understand the minds of the people that do this... thank you so very much malwarebytes, the pc was a birthday present from my husband and means a lot to me as I have been off work sick for the past 5 months...

One question though, Do I need to delete the quarantined items?

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  • Root Admin

No you don't need to delete the Quarantine files just yet. They are now harmless while in the Quarantine. They were put there in case the program accidentally removed a file that was actually needed. So, typically one would wait a few days to confirm there were no issues and then remove them.

As with the other user though it is highly recommended that you go through the process as shown to have someone with experience in this area review the details of your system to help ensure that it really is clean.

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