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Rogues: A dying breed?


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Are rogues a dying breed?

There have been less and less good ones coming out.

The 'Frags are coming out, but they are not very good.

The old days: Spyware Sheriff and XP Antivirus hit the wild, and caused damage.

Then you guys came along.

Then rogues had to defend themselves by blocking executables :(

Now they are disappearing.

Maybe the authors of rogues are creating really big ones.

Or they might go to different and old-fashioned malware.

Only time will tell :)

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Rogues like Security Tool, fake MSE's and many others are still around but it seems these days the real power of most of these rogues/fakealert trojans is in bundling themselves with other threats like TDL4 that do the really heavy lifting when it comes to blocking executables and taking control of the user's system.

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Guest remixed

I agree with both comments, things ain't what they used to be ;) Whether we're seeing the demise of the 'rogue' is largely dependent on how we define them. I don't think we'll see the likes of 'Winfixer' or 'Spy Sheriff' again, they wouldn't last five minutes. The problem for the authors is that, however they choose to deliver the infection (fake alert, facebook or JS exploits etc) they are faced with the same dilemma, how to get the payoff, the money from the victim. ID data is useful but dosen't guarantee a return so the victim has to be 'socially engineered' into believing they are receiving something in return. If the victim sees the scam he/she is less likely to conform and instead to seek a legimate solution. Even the most casual users are wise to the conventional 'Your Computer is Infected' approach which explains the branching into Defrag/HDD rogues. These are, as exile 360 has pointed out, compounded by the use of Rootkit variants (these are not easy to remove, i just spent a lot of Saturday removing the latest variant). In my view there will be changes in direction, for them and us, and the increasing use of ransomware tactics is one of the likely trends, but psychology dictates that the victim must see something 'real' in order to ensure compliance (or make compliance more likely) and they'll find it difficult to find a scam that works better in practice. So, in conclusion :) to paraphrase Mark Twain, the reports of Rogues impending death are greatly exaggerated. :)

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