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Just deleted Malwarebytes' anti-malware

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Today I opened the software and went through the "manual update" routine, and after downloading and "installing" the updates I got a pop-up saying that it needed to restart the PC to make the update "take."

Aside from the obvious suspicion it's bound to elicit in many (myself included), when something like an anti-virus program insists on restarting *for a mere update* then that's enough for me.

Talk about inelegant and eyebrow-raising.

Unless there's a very good reason this software needs to reboot a user's PC to update itself, as opposed to 99 percent of the other antivirus and/or anti-rootkit, and/or anti-trojan programs and suites out there?

It's not something I am used to nor comfortable with.

Then, of course, after uninstalling it STILL insists it needs to reboot to complete that little operation, too.

Really likes to manhandle my PC, all of a sudden.


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The reason a program or anything else asks to reboot is because the file it wants to update is in use and can't be replaced when its in use. It needs to be replaced upon reboot when the file is no longer in use. The manual update you did more than likely downloaded our new 1.50 version which replaces all the mbam files and updates 1.46 to 1.50. Being you were using mbam at the time the update was downloaded the installer makes you reboot to replace the files that you were using or were in memory. This update was not a regular def update.

This is not manhandling at all but basics do to installers. Windows patches do the same thing when it can't replace files that are currently in use.

Uninstalling any program falls under the same thing. It can't normally delete files that are in use. Thus it deletes the rest upon the reboot. Again this is inherent in windows installer.

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UPDATE: Then, after uninstalling and being *forced to reboot* to "complete" the uninstallation, I go into the registry and see it leaves entire "fully stocked" MalwareBytes' Anti-Malware registry keys filled with the whole array of subkeys under:




You would think you'd get the "clean uninstall" what with the reboot requirement and all that.

Honestly, now....

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