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Not sure if this has been discussed but her it goes....

Ok I installed v1.50 Pro on a computer running v1.45 Pro that had not been updated. The install went fine, it asked me to reboot so I did. After the reboot, I put my mouse over the MBAM icon in the trey and is said it was v1.50. I then double clicked on the icon so that I can check the scheduler, and got a message that a new version had been downloaded and needed to install. I thought it was just one of those double install errors from the past, so I just let it install again.

Well what happened after the reboot is that it actually installed v1.46, so I had to again re-install version 1.50.

Maybe we should do a version check during the install and popup a message like you already have the latest version installed, would you like to reinstall or install this older version....

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This happened this morning. I worked on it, and noticed it had version 1.45 on it, and since I already had v1.50 downloaded, I just installed it from my download. It installed fine, and asked me to reboot. Once logged in, I know I had v1.50 installed cause I hovered over the MBAM icon and it said so, when I opened it is when it told me that it had downloaded a new version and needed to install it, thats when it installed v1.46.

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