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Russian Trojan.Ransom? No Problem..


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A how to remove for the people who have the new Ransom Trojan..

Trojan.Ransom - pornoplayer.exe

MD5: f8b83964f956afcb5fffd8e218317908

How to remove? (Thanks to Xylitol)

Number to Call: 9153652039

How to unlock

first thing to type: XYLITOL

second: 31337

last: 31337

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If you get the new Seftad MBR ransomware the password is aaaaaaciip


oh what fun!

The new Gpcode Trojan 2010 is back. This Gpcode Malware uses RSA-1024 and AES-256 Encryption :/ ... No chance to decrypt that stuff.





Xylitol made a video for that ransom:

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Maybe it's a good thing to make in a forum or sub-forum A LIST where all this sort of known and confirmed "passwords for malware/trojan/virus" are in a sticky post so if you have such problem you can find it in that forum fast?


- Seftad MBR ransomware - password = aaaaaaciip

- Trojan.Ransom - pornoplayer.exe - First thing to type: XYLITOL second: 31337 last: 31337

and so on, just a thought...

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Good idea :) and serials for rogues etc..


Security Shield is a new version of System Tool, Security Tool, Total security 2009, System Security rogue. This fake anti-spyware tool displays fake alert messages, prevent execution of legit programs, detects inexistent infections and Hijacks desktop background to scare users.

To register (and help removal), copy paste this code: 64C665BE-4DE7-423B-A6B6-BC0172B25DF2

If your PC is infected with Security Shield use MBAM to remove the infection. (thx to Xylitol)


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