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More system resources being used in 1.50 than 1.46

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I saw another topic earlier that mentioned this but I cannot seem to find it now.

I just finished doing a clean install of Mbam v. 1.50, previously I was using 1.46.

My memory usage in 1.46 rarely ever broke 60K, usually it hovered between 20 and 40K.

Currently (and I have been monitoring it for about 10 minutes now) it is holding steady around 80K, which is nearly double what it was before.

This doesn't really seem to be impacting my system performance thus far but I wanted to mention it and see if there may be a reason for this.

XP SP3, KAV 2011, please let me know if any other information is needed.

Thanks :)

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Well now its calmed down to just over 60K and seems to be holding steady so far, maybe its because it was newly installed? Perhaps I posted a bit too soon about this, heh.

I'll continue to keep an eye on it, but I think that it was starting to impact resources, something which I can't really afford much of lol :)

At least if I do have issues with it I can go back to 1.46 but we'll see :)

Edit a few minutes later: Now its very slowly climbing up a bit... but not anywhere near 80K, it's a tad over 62K right now.

Edited again to add, here is the post that I saw earlier (just found it):


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Thanks Ron, I just read it :)

Only reason I am concerned and bringing it up is becuase I don't have a lot of memory to begin with.

It's settled down to just under 62K though, and isn't really effecting anything anymore.

Cheers :)

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  • Root Admin

It's a bit complex as to what all is involved and can be a little different for everyone. If it was consuming 100MB and/or 80% CPU constantly then I'd be worried but 80MB is not really all that much especially when compared to many AV suites.

We do try to keep it as low as possible but again it does take space to do everything.

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Yeah, that makes sense and I understand, thanks again Ron :)

Like I've said a many times before, I never want to go without Malwarebytes again, so it's okay. And if I had to, I could roll back a version for a span of time anyway.


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It's a bit complex as to what all is involved and can be a little different for everyone. If it was consuming 100MB and/or 80% CPU constantly then I'd be worried ...


As it happens, I have just with heavy heart disabled MBAM for an experimental period. I find the mbamservice.exe almost always takes up at least 100 MB regardless of whether or not it is actually doing anything or just being. When it is doing something, its CPU usage and effect on machine usability is often extreme. And it's not always obvious what it's doing at those times, seems to be background stuff, the scheduled scan is not usually a problem. CPU utilization is around 80%, frequently if not unbroken, and I might as well stop trying to use the PC until it has finished because monitor display freezes and keyboard input gets buffered with no effect often for loooong seconds at a time anyway. I have also noticed things taking ages to load, and when they do the corresponding task bar entries appear appear so slowly that they grow before my eyes and stutter into place.

So I'm doing without it for a while to see if things improve. I have Avast so I'm not defenceless but I don't like being MBAMless.


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Since I posted earlier on this, my xp system at home is at a steady 84MB, I am not concerned with it as it has plenty of ram and I do not notice any slowdowns.

On my work PC, it is a Win 7 Ultimate running McAfee Corp Edition 8.7i and the mbamservice is at a steady 29MB with no issues either.

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Using my computer again today, it was around 78K when I turned it on, but now its settled around 62K again, and last night it was around 55K... so I think after the computer has been on for a bit it calms down...


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