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Do as i say, not as i do!

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Guest remixed

October 15 2008

"The Panda log shows some items that need review. However they also indicate that you're using software illegally.

C:\Program Files\dvd43\dvd43_tray.exe is used for bypassing CSS DVD encryption

Please discontinue using these programs"

March 7 2008

"I have been a legal user of the product [CloneCD ,a cd cloning software used primarily to bypass copy protection]

for many years even before Slysoft bought up the rights from Elby"

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  • Root Admin

Well the product is sold from a location where it is not illegal, but the use of the product as I understand it in the US and England is illegal.

I pretty much let it go though and did help the user. Not quite the same as blatant out and out pirating and keygen stuff like some users have.

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To be honest, I use AnyDVD to bypass the protection on HDDVD's because I have an HD drive and movies that I've purchased, none that I've pirated (who would want to download 25+ gigs?), and PowerDVD 7 which refuses to play them normally without AnyDVD running in the background on my 23" Apple Cinema 1900x1200 monitor because it is not HDCP compliant (although it did set me back about $1000), because although I had originally purchased Gateway's 24" monitor which was HDCP compliant, I was sorely disappointed in the picture quality and so I purchased the Apple (which still looks amazing to this day I might add).

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Dude, you should see Transformers in HD on it, incredible! I have the HDDVD drive for the XBOX 360 (but don't own a 360). I got it because it's usb and about the cheapest HDDVD drive for the PC. MS provided the drivers via Windows Update (very cool). I had to buy PowerCinema Ultra, but found a nice sale on it at CompUSA (which is where I bought my monitor as well). I just got the Sapphire HD4870 1Gb from Newegg about a month ago and it's just awesome.

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