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I was surprised when I did a MalwareBytes scan today, that it said it found several infections. I thought, good at least that MBAM found the problems, so that it could clean them up.

On looing closer, however, I saw that all several files were Nirsoft Utilities.

Nirsoft Utilities are excellent freeware utilities, which I would highly recommend. Certainly none are malware. You can see them at www.nirsoft.net.

IN looking at their site, I found an interesting blog page, which indicates that they (and other small developers) have had a lot of problems with being tagged malware by AV apps. It is very interesting blog, which I recommend people read--


Anyhow, although it seems that they have had many problems with AV apps, since I think that MBAM is better than others regarding false positives, I was surprised that MBAM listed several of my Nirsoft utilities as malware, on today's scan.

Please check out the site, try out the utilities yourself, and you will see that they are not malware at all. Then please, fix your definitions, so that MBAM does not mark these apps as malware.

Thank you.

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Please post your scan log, I believe that most will be detect as tools, not malware. This is specifically designed to block malicious use of these tools while allowing expert users to understand the detections and add them to the ignore list.

I read that blog long ago and trust me when I say this, small developers often make things easier for malcoders. They use builders and compression that only keygen and malware authors use and then complain when there are FPs against their software. These small developers never sign anything or fail to use any version info at all to identify their software making it harder to research a source.

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