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No malwares found

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Sorry, suspect you have already answered my question but I don't know what keywords to Search on.

I have paid for and have had Malwarebytes installed for a couple months, have manually updated every couple days, and Scan after updating, but *no* malware has been found.

So I conclude my dial-up provider is filtering out all the malware so I can remove Malwarebytes, or I need to set a choice in Malwarebytes so it can do its thing, or my Avast Antivirus is finding malwares and removing them without telling me.

What is really going on here? Thanks for the help.

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Hello Pooh

Your dial-up provider would not be filtering all malware - but they may be filtering some email messages that are spam or that contain malware.

If your system is clean, and you are careful where you go on the internet, and you don't install downloaded software that is not trustworthy, then it is quite normal for your Avast and MalwareBytes to not find any malware.

As for Avast finding malware and removing it silently, you could check the Avast settings - I think that it has a Silent Mode that can be switched on/off.

But be assured that you should still have your Avast and Malwarebytes monitoring your system.

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Just to add, you say you have the Pro version of Malwarebytes, and do updates manually, are you doing this cause you are on dialup? If not you can schedule updates automatically.

How To Use The New Scheduler

Once you register your full version make sure you schedule your program for automatic updates and scans.....

Have a look at the links below for instructions......

How To Use The New Scheduler (Applicable To Versions 1.45 and 1.46 Only)

Video on using the new Scheduler

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