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Power Supply & High Pitch Sounds. + Frezzing?!


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Ok first off Hello, I'm Peter. I'm not very down with how computer works and what not, tho I would say I know more then the just most Joe off the street.( Weirdly put but just go with it :) )

Anyway to the problem at hand, Ok well My uncle was nice enough to build me a New desktop for all the moving I help him do. And so everytime, randomly The computer will freeze and become unresponsive to anything. I can be as Loading the Operating system up (windowXP loading bar) to randomly anytime when using it. Now I know this can't be a virus or anything like that cuz the only place i went to was Microsoft to get updates and Nvidia to get the latest Graphic card driver. But after like 2mins into using it(if it last that long) There begins to be a high pitch sounds which i narrow down to The power supply. Anyone know if this is what causing the freezing. Mind you I could live with the noise if it's not causing the freezing (as my other computer was a Commercial airliner taking off 24/7). Or is this something else? Another thing that might help; I really don't know if it will but if it last longer thne a min when using it it will show signs of everything like skipping around like when using the mouse the pointer will skip as I'm moving it (slowly moves to). Anything you need to know to maybe help just ask and I'll try my best to give you what you need.

Thank you.

Peter J Franzone

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Hello Peter and Welcome to Malwarebytes.org

Have you thought about taking the computer back to your uncle to check/repair the PSU problem or replace the PSU your self. Is the inside of your computer near dust free, how old is this computer.

Thanks It's not the first time being here (just forgot the old username I use maleware all the time).

I did but he travels alot and is rarely stationary as his job requires him to jump over the country alot he builds or programs security programs. But see here I have recently became unemployed and having a real hard time finding a job here in florida (not even disney will take me) so i Hvae no Money at all luckly my parents let me move in with them for the time being. (>.<) but hey it's better then the streets. He said he wouldn't be able to get back to me for about 3 weeks.

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