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Installation Problem

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I did have Anti-Malware on my PC but it crashed and I did a rebuild. I am using Vista and I can

download the software but nothing happens when I try to install -- no error messages, etc.

It just doesn't start.

I disabled my Anti-Virus, closed Ex, and even closed my firewall, turned off the EAC and

it still will not install.

I read an earlier post and did rename the file TEXT.EXE and it still didn't kick.

Any Suggestions other than Hijack This?

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  • Root Admin

Why other than HJT? It is a good quick basic tool to help potentially locate what might be causing it.

There are other tools but they are designed often for more specific infections or issues.

I would suggest posting a HJT post with v2.0.2 and then we can go from there.

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No offense meant but I have not had very good experience with folks looking at HJT results and

actually finding a solution. Most of the time the advice have been simply bad.

The best advice I have gotten have come from folks who have had the identical problem.

I am hoping that I will find someone here. Maybe, Maybe not.

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  • Root Admin

I assume you meant you turned off User Account Control which doesn't need to be turned off but that's okay.

Please check the properties of the installer and look at the Digital Signature and make sure it's still valid.

Try downloading a new v1.29 from Download.com and try that version.

If you're still having issues running it then look in your Event logs and see if there is any indication of an issue.

Try right click Runas Administrator on the installer if normal double-click run does nothing.

Try re-enable UAC and try running it again.

If none of the above work then please start with providing a HJT log.

We need something else to go on since we're not sitting at your desk to see things.

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Found the problem.

The problem is that CA's firewall has a glitch that converts malwarebytes downloads to a file which has an EFW extension (xxx.EFW). Solution - For a short moment turn OFF CA's firewall and the file correctly downloads and can be installed just fine.

The solution was provided via another tech board for which, at the moment, I can' recall and I have already

purged my history.

The 2nd problem was that Malwarebytes did not solve my problem. That will be my next post.

Thanks to All

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  • Root Admin

Thank you for the update. In that case the HJT would not have found the issue either but we needed something to go on. Normally if you double click on a file that the format is not known you get an error dialog box asking what you want to open the file with. Why you did not get this prompt is odd.

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