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virus undetected by MB but not AVG

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I downloaded two files that would not play a movie clip but would direct me to the internet to download and updated codec for quiktime I believe. I have seen this activity before and recognize it for what it is...a trojan. Scanning these files with MB showed them to be clean. Scanning with AVG showed them to have a trojan, specifically it showed this :

"C:\Documents and Settings\Steve\Favorites\My Documents\FrostWire\Videos\Original Bangles.mov";"Trojan horse Downloader.Generic_c.BOL";"Infected"

To be quite honest I am looking to buy a virus software and have been trying out MB. I did so because it solved virus I had that went right by avg. MB was able to clean it up too. It was one of those "you've got a virus" and won't go away or let you execute any other file, but on restart I quickly started MB and was able to head it off. So there is where I stand.

So the question is, and I know no one av software catches it all, should not MB have detected these infections. It is a common trojan horse in files like these. The give away is that the files will not play on any video player and leads you to open up to the "new codec needed scam". I can upload the files to MB as soon as I figure out how to do so.



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Hello and :D

First off, let me let you know that Malwarebytes is not an anti-virus software. It is designed to work with your anti-virus software catching things your anti-virus software does not. Your anti-virus software is your first line of defense (in this case your AVG). If you decide to purchase Malwarebytes, you will still need anti-virus software installed on your computer.

Second, we are glad that Malwarebytes has helped you in the past, having the pro version would have probably prevented the infection in the first place.

Lastly, as you are using FrostWire (which is a P2P software) it is only a matter of time before you get infected again. P2P software is a large conduit and a BIG means for these infections to spread. Not to mention the legality involved with using such programs.

I recommend you uninstall any P2P programs.

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