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What's wrong with the screen on my laptop?


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I would be breaking protocol if I replied to your issue, while you have an open topic (which may be related to the topic) in the Malware Removal Forum. Work with the expert helper. and you will come out with a clean pc! Or ask him to close the thread. Posting outside the MRF is Against forum policy.. regards..

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Hi -

Did you try to reply to Gammo in the Malware removal area - He is one of our experts and should guide you if you have questions -

Thank You -

This is a completely separate issue than the malware problem I had. This is a hardware issue. I posted in the other topic saying my problem is solved for now and they can close it.

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If it is a hardware issue. Theres not much I can do from here. It could be your memory? a capacitor, so small chip or Resistor burnt out? An electrical surge, I would also test or replace the video card! But I posted a link below to the HP forums. I had two Dell Laptops, One, the LCD needed to be replaced.... I bought a new LCD off ebay.. works great... My other issue was bad RAM. So I did a memtest: http://www.memtest86.com/ its a free download. From the description in Post 1 above it would be a guess for all of us.

You might find some info here "Is it my LCD Screen" http://www.techsupportforum.com/hardware-s...en-working.html

But I would join the forum: http://h30434.www3.hp.com/ I sincerely wish I can be of more help to you. Perhaps someone will post under me... regards....

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