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Sony Reader, AC charger


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I just got a new Sony PRS-650 eReader for my birthday. (Really enjoying it! So cool to be able to borrow library books without leaving the farm while a snowstorm raged outside! :)) We have an AC charger we bought a few years ago to charge our mp3 players. The charger is by Creative (our mp3 players are Zen Creative). I was wondering if anyone might know if this charger would be safe to use to charge the eReader. Of course Sony has its own charger, which is the most expensive one out there. (I don't think the Zen charger was exactly cheap either.)

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I pulled the pdf file operating manual off sony, so if you have the book, you don't need this, unless you want I should email it to you (PM me) its 3MB + 139 pages

and your model shows this:


Power source

Built-in rechargeable battery: 3.7 V DC, 940 mA

Optional Accessories:

AC Adapter for Reader (PRSA-AC1) but if that came with the unit, you should be ok..... enjoy... regards

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That's OK, Yardbird, I have the pdf as well.

I don't have the PRSA-AC1 charger...yet.:) I had been thinking about using the Zen charger that we got for our mp3 players, but maybe I should just spring for the Sony product anyway (or...hey, Christmas IS coming, LOL!) rather than risk the reader if the volts or mA's aren't quite right. In giving it some thought, too, maybe I would void my warranty by using a non-Sony charger, especially if something were to go wrong.

Thanks for your help.

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Hi Amethyst - I'm no electronics expert, but if you DO decide to buy a non-Sony charger, just be sure that the jack that plugs into your eReader is wired the right way round. Somewhere on your eReader (near the charger socket) will be a little diagram which I don't have the knowledge to reproduce here, but it represents an end-on view of your charger's jack plug. It will either show the centre pin as being +ve or -ve, and any charger you plug in should have a jack wired this way around. I'm the same as you though - always nervous of plugging in a 'non standard' charger! Good luck.

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