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REMOTE REGISTRY missing in Services tab


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I was disabling some Services and discovered that Remote Registry is completely

missing in my Services list.

I have suspected remote access to my laptop lately, which is why I did a fresh XP install

a few days ago on my HP V5000, and why I have been disabling some Remote Access

services. However, Remote Registry is missing completely in the Service list.

In addition, Comodo detected "Another computer is trying to join you...", or something to this effect and blocked it.

I have googled away forever trying to find how to restore the Remote Registry back to my Services, to no avail.

Also, I noticed that in my System Config Utility that there are 2 Remote Procedure Call services running. One is manufacturer: Windows, the other is: Unknown.

Should I worry about the 2nd one, with "unknown" manufacturer???


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Hi Buttons,

I know where that is and had been using that. But in the Services list (Control Panel > Admin Tools > Services) there is no Remote Registry, as well as a bunch of other items missing - I now realize - in addition to Remote Registry.

Other items missing in Service: Internet Connection Firewall and Internet Connection Sharing, Security Accounts Manager, Telnet, Upload Manager and WINDOWS MANAGEMENT INSTRUMENTATION DRIVER EXTENTION ...

quote name='Buttons' date='Nov 19 2010, 08:54 PM' post='348196']

Hi andrewwommen :)

Go under Control Panel/System and click the advanced tab and should be box labeled "Allow remote connections to this computer" Unfortunately Microsoft enabled this by default leaving a whole range of security issues.

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