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Trouble running the ESET scanner


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I am currently being helped by 'negster22' regarding a 'think point' virus that infected my wifes netbook. After many posts and following the routines that 'negster22' has provided me with, I am at a point where I am being asked to run the ESET scanner. The problem is that it won't run.

Below I have posted 'negster22' last post and my response to him. If I am breaking any rules or protocol, I will certainly wait for a response from 'negster22'. Up to this point, 'negster22' has been great with his responses and has been persistant in trying to help me solve my problem. It's just that I am so damn anxious to solve this (with 99% of 'negster22' help to date).

negster22 11-18, 09:05 AM Post #15

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That looks good now!

Please perform a scan with the ESET online virus scanner.

You can expect some detections in Combofix's quarantine (Qoobox) and system volume information. They will not represent active malware so don't worry:


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as stated by goldhound, you really need to stay with your helper until given the all clear. Once you are given the all clear then you can ask other questions in the appropriate sections.

Please remember most of the folks here are all volunteers so we have lives to live, and sometimes we get busy, please be patient and 'negster22' will get back to you.....

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