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Is my post-malware removal computer really "Clean"


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I have been given the "all clean" post, but I have two questions:

1. Being given the all clean post, I proceeded to treat my computer like a functional computer, but while typing an email with Acrobad REader and Word open, my computer suddently started to not respond. I was unable to open task manager and unable to close the programs by clicking on the X close tab or alt-F4. I pushed the power button and closed down the computer. Bummer!

When it started up, I got a warning flashed on and off about my firewall being off and not having antivirus protecont.

I went to windows security and it said the firewall was on and anti-vira was my anti-virus.

I am feeling like something is wrong but don't know where to start and don't want to risk infecting my computer again.

What should I do next?

2. I had to uninstall AVG 2011 in order to run combofix and then was given a list of Antivirus programs that did not inclue AVG. So I installed Anti-vira free edition. But it seemed to scan only 2000 files in 2 minutes as opposed to more than 1 million using AVG which took 2 hours. I feel I'm unprotected with AntiVir but don't know what do do.

What do you suggest?


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Could you please answer following, someone will provide pinpointed help:

  1. Please provide a link for
  2. OS information including 32/64-bit with system locale
  3. Do you have exclusions setup in Avira for MBAM
  4. Which firewall you're using
  5. Using MBAM free or PRO with version information (current 1.46)
  6. MBAM Database version (current 5145)

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Then I ran AVG from the icon on the desktop, but it went to command line and the log said that it didn't finish.
Hi -

This shows your AVG was not working very well to start with - You are better with another A/V program -

Any 2 hour Antivirus scan seems to indicate that your system and the program are not comparible to begin with -

On my XP SP3 I have used MSE for a long time and found that this works without any problem and compliments the M/soft firewall -

You must also remember that any XP system will not perform like a new Windows 7 unit -

Have you run Defrag , and how much free space do you now have on our system -

Thank You -

EDIT - Please try the new Beta version of Malwarebytes from ->Here - Run a Quick Scan only and check your results -

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Dear Haider,

Thanks for your reply! Let me try to answer your questions as best I can.

1. I am running Malwarebytes 1.46 (it doesn't say free version, but it implies it).

2. Version 5145

3. Firewall: It says "windows firewall" and says Windows Firewll is blocking incoming network connnections except for certain programs below....

4. I have opened Avira and it doesn't seem to have any settings for exclusions. It is Free version and Version

It has:

Overview: STatus/Events/Reprots

Local Protection: Scanner/Guard

Administration: QuARANtine/Scheduler

It also has under configuration:

List of threat categories: Adware and Adware/Spyware is checked. It doesn't have a box for malware that could be unchecked.

A strange thing I notice in Malwarebytes is that even though I recently downloaded and installed Malwarebytes, when I look at the quaranteen, it still has 3 Trojans from 11/7. How can that be? Is it that I didn't uninstall Malwarebytes before I downloaded the MBAMsetup1.46?


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