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A number of problems, mainly about virus vault though


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Well my main question is, What should i do with the things in my virus vault?

My computer has been acting up recently. I was doing a malware bytes scan which found nothing and a norton scan which, again found nothing. But i just saw in my malware bytes quarantine zone there are 4 things:

Malware.Trace (category) registry key

Trojan.Vundo (category) registry key

Rogue.SystemErrorFixer (category) reegistry key

Trojan.Vundo (category) registry key

They've been there since the 26/8/08

What i want to know is should i delete them all? Or should i leave them there incase theres a back door trojan that will just make another? And does Norton 360 2.0 remove backdoor trojans?

Many thanks.

My next question is something i have had a serious problem with and just need to know what it is, or hopefully, how i can fix it. A while ago, lets say 1 month ago, my pc started acting odd. When i would go to download from Internet Explorer, the download would finish but JUST as itdid, Internet Explorer has stopped working would pop up. EVERY TIME :blink:

And also if i try to download something a friend would send me from MSN it would suddenly crash, saying it had stopped working. I finally found a way to download FireFox, somehow. That lets me download, but MSN is still not letting me and neither does IE. So does anyone have any idea what the problem might be? Many thanks :)

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