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mbam.exe missing icon

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I feel a little dumb for even posting about this but it is kind of annoying. I recently installed Malwarebytes on my laptop, Win7 x64. Everything was fine and everything looked normal. A day or two later, after a reboot, I noticed that the mbam.exe in my Start > Programs was showing a "generic" windows icon, like windows does not recognize what it is. I did a full uninstall and reinstall but the problem persists. Any ideas? Attached are screenshots of the issue i'm speaking of.



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If you search the boards here, you will find several threads about this.

It seems to be a "Windows" thing, not an MBAM thing, per se, relating to corruption of the icon cache, for some reason.

(When I first experienced it, it corrupted not only the MBAM icon, but one for another program, as well.)

Here is a thread started only today:


If Advanced_Setup's steps for uninstalling/reinstalling MBAM in post #2 don't work, then you might wish to look at the threads referenced in post #3, with instructions on how to restore the icon (several different methods).



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Thank you both for the info and I do apologize for not searching more thouroughly for my answer. I did do a brief search using the keyword "icon" but after skimming the posts for a few mins i did not see relevant posts. I will try harder next time. I was able to resolve my issue using the links you both posted here. thanks.

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