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Choose your firewall!! :D


Which firewall do you prefer?  

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Alright everyone put in your vote on which firewall you prefer and why you prefer it. Many people (myself included) want information on which software might be best for securing their systems.

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Guest name cool

For the time being use the Windows Firewall. Does not have any anti-virus software.


M' Anti-M Free use. XP SP 3


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I myself am running ZoneAlarm on one computer (the one i just had to have help removing a rootkit from) and one running OnlineArmor to try and compare the two.

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If you are using Vista or 7, you may want to check out this tool:


It allows greater control of the built-in firewall :D

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By all means if you have a firewall that you are using and it is not on the list add it to your reply! :D I would love to see other options that are out there. I only put the firewalls that I could find any information on myself. :)

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I like seeing the difference in opinions. By all means keep the topic going because there are many people that do not understand or have not heard of many of the programs that are on here....especially if it is there first visits. I am trying to check back regularly but I am now trying to concentrate on a studying for a malware removal school I was accepted to and am reading reading reading. :)

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Windows Firewall + a good hardware firewall, incl. NAT, is very good :)

Also if you are running Vista or 7, this tool is useful to enhance the built-in firewall:

http://www.sphinx-soft.com/Vista/order.html :)

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Ok, I don't mean to offend anyone, but windows firewall is crap... I've seen many reviews of it and it does really bad.

If you look at Comodo & and Online Armor, they do wayyy better since they have more technology like Sandbox and Defense+.

If a firewall does what its supposed to do....Which is keep intruders out then windows firewall is a good firewall.

and sandbox and defence+ have nothing to do with the comodo firewall.

Windows firewall is not a crap firewall as you put it.

it does what its meant to do.


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