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Boot-up disc infection risk


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...a quick question if I may...

If you have a badly infected system and you want to replace it with a known clean full disc image (inc the operating system created at an earlier time and stored on an external hd) by using a Win PE disc (lawfully created and properly licensed and functional, ie able to restore the given image) what are the chances of the disc itself becoming infected during the short time it would need to be used in this situation?

I hasten to add I'm not in this situation; for some reason it's just preying on my mind at present.

The disc I have Win PE 2.1 on is a TDK cd-rw and I haven't made it read-only. If I do would it make any difference to the risk?

Apologies for the long question. I don't seem able to ask a simple question in one simple sentence!

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Good question....

Being that you have an image, and the image is clean, in order to restore the image you would boot from a bootable CD to start the restore process. If this is the case, the virus, or infection is probably not going to be running at the time cause your boot image is clean, so chances of you getting it infected are probably slim.

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Thanks Firefox for that. :)

I'm thinking that once the hard drive has been wiped out (a process that seems to occur very early in image restoration) and normally only takes seconds if that then the risk is gone.

I have got into the habit of doing a weekly full image on a monday followed by daily differentials tuesday to sunday with an extra full imaging done on the sunday. [sheer overkill married to a light touch of obsessive paranoia and stored on a partitioned external HD!]. I only keep a months' worth though but I think it's worth the space for the peace of mind it offers from the "what if...?" frame of mind that's got to me recently.

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Hello Marcus:

Since you are booting system from CD, HD/installed Windows won't have a control over it, there isn't any chance of CD getting infection even though RW and not closed because no writing program is available in the initial stages nor it will be

It never hurts to play cautiously and safe :)

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