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I just signed up here...but found the forum to be a bit more than my learning. . . seems everyone here gots brains lol.

Well, the reason I decided to post is because I want to thank you for your software..which i quickly and very easily paid for by paypal.

My story,

I was surfing for freeware...a big no no in most forums...while surfing i was told to download a needed codec to view a movie of the software in action..so i did.

All the sudden BOOM, i get this Antivirus2009 program saying i have tons of spyware etc on my computer and to go to their site to download their program...(for a price)..ya right..

I removed many folders etc. for this so called program..but to no avail...some popups stopped...but the one in my taskbar wouldnt go away.

I searched my trouble for over two hours online in Google, i searched for "remove antispyware2009", and found your site claiming to be able to rid my troubles 100%.. well that is what i needed...ALL the traces of this trojan needed to be killed NOW!

Trojanzlob or something like that was the one that kept this antivirus2009 to reload even on start up. soooooooooooo......... I read on your site..FREE lol.. i like free so i downloaded your software...and in an instant after a deep scan of all my two harddrives...i got rid of this problem .

Upon restart, no taskbar icon for Antivirus2009 ..GONE poof ! It was like being delivered from

hadies! So i bought the program !

I still dont know all the program does...only that it WORKED, and it runs in my taskbar everystartup!

Thank you ALL for the easy purchase!

You may want to try www.smartcomputing.com to put your program on their site...just a suggestion.

Al in Omaha, Nebraska....ONE HAPPY CUSTOMER !!! :)

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