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corporate licenses

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True, it might not be such a good idea, you do bring up a valid point.

Many people get really annoyed with added stuff on their machines as it is.

Maybe a card with information about Malwarebytes and where to download it included with new PC Purchases would be a better alternative if this was to ever happen.

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I do think a coupon for a free license would be a good idea, i just don't think it should pre-installed. I fixed so many pc's with pre-installed AV's installed and the user didn't activate it. What a waste............. Given that most people don't understand that concept, but it needs to be explained better by the manufactures.

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This is not to be sold as bundled software on a new pc with all the other crapware that they put on them.

What I am asking if for me to be able to call CDW or my account rep and ask him for 100 licenses of Malwarebytes, and he gives me a quote that same day, and I receive them within a couple days, like when I need to by some licenses for Adobe, Windows, or CAL for a server. I do not need to go straight to the maker of the program, I can just by them from the BIG vendor companies....

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I didn't necessarily mean a free license coupon, just an information card or something about Malwarebytes.

Yeah, I definitely agree that manufacturers should better explain the reason why people need to have an AV product...

It's been a while since I've had a new computer... the AV that usually comes with them isn't already activated? For some reason I thought it was, but sounds like that isn't the case, at least not anymore. Shame, at least if it was already activated a notice would pop up when it was almost up so people would know they need to subscribe to that or get something else so they will remain protected.

I know that when MS detects NO AV on a computer, it will have Windows Security Alert come up and then you will get a list of AV's to choose from, but its a shame that that list only seems to be provided only after no AV is detected on the machine :)

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Wow! I think everyone misunderstood Firefox's original intention. Either that or I did.

My understanding is that he would like to see the corporate sales portion opened up to other vendors to take the pressure off our own Corporate Sales Department.

As it is, there is not a current venue for corporate users to buy corporate licensing directly without going through our Corporate Sales department first.

I don't believe that he meant to imply that we should seek to be pre-installed as crapware or to have coupons or anything else along those lines.

I think what he is trying to point out is that there is some frustration with corporate users when the Sales department doesn't respond to them in a timely manner for whatever reason. Resellers need to be vetted to some degree. I personally don't know what the criteria are but it does take some time. My understanding is that not everyone is approved.

Sometimes they (Sales staff) are just overwhelmed with requests, and at others, their responses get unanswered for long periods of time. At other times, their responses get trapped in Spam filters.

I have personally had this happen to me several times where corporate customers have asked for assistance, and even though I get the email as an incoming just fine, they bounce my answer due to some setting at their end. That situation is particularly frustrating to me, since it looks like we have ignored their request when nothing could be further from the truth.

We've had over 50 million downloads at CNET Downloads alone. How many of those are interested in using the corporate version out of that? Even a small percentage can be overwhelming. We often see where IT Directors and such have used the program for personal use and are now interested in using it at work.

I can't respond as to whether we would be willing to work with other resellers because that is just not my area of expertise, but on the other hand, I hope to clear up Firefox's suggestion.

If my understanding is wrong, please correct me.

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Thank you for the clarification, Jack, and Firefox for your confirmation on his clarification. :)

I apologize for my misunderstanding. My earlier posts in this thread may be removed if deemed necessary.

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