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world wide web should be free.

mbam daz.

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i just would like to say that it so disappoints me when companies and broadband suppliers try to charge astronomical amounts of money to give the world wide web to people.

when tim berners-lee invented the world wide web he invented this miracle of technology to aid and enhance mankinds knowledge and to help the world communicate with each other in a faster and more robust way.

Now unfortunately major companies seem to have totally forgotten this philosophy.and greed has taken over again.

the web was always designed to be free,,to reach far off areas of the world that normal communication would not have allowed.

to have the third world connected to the web and joining the rest of us would be a remarkable achievement and it is this area which totally unleashes the full potential of the web.

tim berners-lee is a great inventor for several reasons.the main one is he invented something to genuinely help mankind and not for personal financial gain.

thats my little dittie for today and i do hope people will agree with me.

many thanks.

bye for now.

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Tim Berners-Lee

Well though he pioneered and created the first server client software to allow communication via a browser he did not create the Internet as we know it now. There is a lot of underlying equipment and technology that keeps it running and it does have very high costs associated with it. Many libraries and public facilities do have free access to the Internet but I don't envision having free Internet at home any time soon, possibly in the distant future though.

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yes i agree the internet was well under way long before berners lee came along but it would be vastly different without it.

the web is merely just an application placed upon the connected networks.

i believe the original conceptual idea was called the ARPANET.

many thanks ron for your insight.

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