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Error message when trying to install Garmin software


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Hello friends. I run Windows 7 64 Ultimate. And I am trying to install Garmin software on my PC.

Here it is


I tried doing what it says on these websites http://bit.ly/beT0A0. But no dice.

I went into the registry and I changed the value, even though it was pointing to the right spot anyways.

I want to kill a puppy just for all the crap that Windows 7 puts me through

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Make sure your Microsoft downloads are up to date! Plus the Net downloads... Heres a free contact for Garmin Support: http://www.garmin.com/garmin/cms/site/us/s.../supportcontact

good FAQ's regards...

yes I have all my stuff updated. I emailed Garmin support yesterday. They have phone support, but usual wait time is 45 minutes

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I don't want to sound like a certain user but I will say this. From above, thank God I haven't had to contact support. :D

I have a Garmin Nuvi 265WT and (knock on wood) both it, the Garmin software, including the updater, have worked flawlessly on my computer. (So did a 10-year old StreetPilot III, what a $$ rip-off that was in the day paying $100 a region for each of the US's 7 regions for detailed maps, etc, of the region.)

That said, my machine is a WinVista32bit, with all updates/SPs and 3 gigs of Ram. And I use the USB cable that came with the GPS set.

It seems to be an odd problem. We're the support forums or FAQs any assistance?? :D

Good luck; hope you get it working and are able to enjoy it soonest! :D


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