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Intel Core i7 950 Drops From $562 to $294, New Chips Incoming


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Intel Core i7 950 Drops From $562 to $294, New Chips Incoming

August 30th, 2010, 13:13 GMT | By Sebastian Pop

Now that the Sandy Bridge line of processors is approaching, Intel seems to be quite eager to make its existing chips more appealing, and the latest move it made in this direction, now that new Pentium and Core Series parts are approaching, is the price reduction of the Core i7 950.

It seems that Intel is quite set on selling as many of its current-generation CPUs as possible before its new series debuts.

According to reports circulating around the Internet, the Santa Clara, California-based company will soon be shipping new Pentium processors, as well as a new Core i3 chip.

As one may expect, the Core i3 is the more formidable of the lot, whereas the Pentium CPUs will be based on the Wolfdale core and shall be aimed at the lower ends of the market.

The list includes the E5700, whose clock speed is of 3.0GHz, as well as the E6800, with a frequency of 3.3GHz. There is also the E3500, clocked at 2.7GHz.

These three have been added to Intel's price list and cost $75, $86 and $57, respectively.

The more interesting chip, as far as performance and appeal is concerned at least, is,, as already said, the Core i3-560.

This CPU has a very promising future ahead of it because, even though it has a frequency of 3.33GHz, it boasts the very same price as the Core i3-550, which runs at 3.2GHz.

Nevertheless, the more intriguing piece of news remains the price change associated with the Core i7-950 central processing unit.

Having previously been coupled with a tag of $562, the part has now, strangely enough, been made to cost only $294.

Basically, this product is now almost half as expensive as it was until not long ago, and Intel is no doubt counting on the back-to-school period to even further encourage sales.



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