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Tribute to Good Work done from Malwarebytes Developers


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I have been recently reading some products reviews and while I was at it then I thought it would have been nice to check out what they say about Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

While doing that althought i have seen many and many posts saying how good Malwarebytes Anti-Malware has been, I also eventually step up to some extremely bad reviews, which personally made me think that they dont even know what they are saying.

So I decided to give software developers a gift of my personal appreciation on how good they had worked on this Anti-Malware software, since they deserve it.

Malwarebytes Anti-Malware Promotion team can feel free to use this post if they like, I personally have no problem.

So for anyone reading this review that are looking for a real Anti-Malware softwarethen I tell you to look no further, since you have found the best one in market and whats more on it, it is also for free:)

Do you think I am saying big words or just I am trying to promote this product instead?

You are mistaken if you think so and please follow me here, since I am gonna tell you a short story then :angry:

I have been working all my life in Computers, since I am personally a software/web services programmer and thought my life, my diploma, my degree, my MSc and even the years in my work I have tested and seen almost any imaginable program about almost everything and any functionality.

If that program was either a software i had to find for a friend to use or a software I had to use for my work or even if it was a program that I had for personal use, then you can imagine how many programs i had seen in my life.

And here I am personally gonna tell you a secret, which althought I am not proud of it, I admit that I never in my life had used a program that was not cracked either by me or by a mainstream patch/crack available in different places on the web.

Althought I am not proud of saying this just keep following me here, so you can see where I am gonna conclude just to get the image on how good software Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is for the job it does :)

So now you may think, well a programmer that actually never buys anything original and then after that they complain out for piracy.

I know and you probably right on what you saying, but who doesnt use piracy nowadays either way and I am not looking to aspire anyone to follow this path either.

So one day I had some Spyware/Malware infecting one of my personal user Computers at home and I had to get rid of them in order not to affect by any way the server I had connected on the Local Network.

I tried all the usual everyday anti-spyware software that were known for years and even after i tried the Anti-Virus top brands (I am not gonna include product names here, but I tell you that i tested almost all well known brands out in the market).

Well the result out of all those was that they partially removed some of the infections but nothing more and removing the malware manually was way too tiresome and just out of question at the state the Malware had rendered the Computer Operating System and I didnt even wanted to go for a quick format and image recovery solution either.

So I searched out in the web to check for a quick solution, but at the time it seems that the specific Malware was like everywhere and a real problem.

While I was searching then I stepped up to a small program called Malwarebytes Anti-Malware.

I personally had no idea what this software was capable of and at first sight I even thought that the software was a malware fraud its self :)

After giving it a further look then I realised that it was a new Anti-Malware solution out of the web and what I could made out from the site and reads, it was the first week of its release in the web.

So I just enter the page and I really did confirm that this software was brand new and was basically unknown till then, going out to war all those big Anti-Spyware/Virus brands out in the market at the time.

So then I just pointed out and just clicked to download it, just to test it without many hopes of it really working, but even thinking that it will probably mess up my system more.

So as all software I use, even if Malwarebytes Anti-Malware was a free one, the real-time protection was a licenced users only feature (althought that feature came a little later), then it was just kind of a usual pattern for me to just crack it and have the pirated full version.

So back to my story is that at first scan I was just amazed about how good work Malwarebytes Anti-Malware did.

I actually couldnt believe what just happened at that time, I was like wow seriously now a 5-6mb file at that time if i remember correctly.

I even came to thought that the software did such a good job, not only removing the malware/spyware but also reverting the Computer to its previous and healthy state, that they had probably created the malwares themself in order to remove them so accuratelly (which is not true of course).

So from that day on I kept watching closely how a small software managed to be faster, more accurate, more efficient and more successful from any other similar function software, big or small as a brand of size out in the market and still keep be free for its users.

I had been working with it for years now and suggesting it to all my relatives and work employees and i even personally had removed all other softwares and let only Malwarebytes Anti-Malware for protection because it is also unbelievably light for any system you install it on.

So finally reaching the conclusion and emphasis of my review I would like to give the Malwarebytes Anti-Malware a 11 out of 10 for their work, their creativy, their user-freindliness of their software, efficency and regular basis work they do.

Geez i even remember when you guys were just in the start and you had like 2-3 software version updates at just one day, but the load of work never took you down :)

I also wanna tell that they really made such an impression to me, that actually after 6 months of first use of Malwarebytes Anti-Malware, I actually was so amased of your work with the software for such a small company compared to the others out there, that one day I just unistalled the softare and i just redownloaded from your page in order to be clean for sure and I bought my first licence key of an original software for the first time in my life because you guys really deserved it for the work you had done.

Yes you have heard right after thousands of software installations, this is my first and only purchase of original software after 25 years been in the Computers field.

So for anyone still reading this review and not been bored to death, just quite get the picture on how good Malwarebytes Anti-Malware is in removing Spyware/Malware in order for me to actually even BUY IT :angry:

So if you looking for a solution for your PC/Laptop/etc protection then look no further, beacause you just found it and its trusted.

Developers keep up good work, since you have been doing great till now and I thanks you for the state-of-art software you have provided the market with.



P.S. Any other bad reviews writers will have to deal with me from now on ^^

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Cheers :angry:

Malwarebytes is awesome and I will never go without it again :angry:

The folks at Malwarebytes are an awesome bunch to boot :)

Don't forget though that Malwarebytes is not an AntiVirus, you still need to use an AntiVirus program with it.

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Cheers :)

Malwarebytes is awesome and I will never go without it again :angry:

The folks at Malwarebytes are an awesome bunch to boot :angry:

Don't forget though that Malwarebytes is not an AntiVirus, you still need to use an AntiVirus program with it.

Of course, thats what Kaspesky Lab is for, althought to say the truth it seems Vorus tend to be rare nowadays and I will just run Kaspasky one-time run from their webpage every once in a while for free if there is something that seems really wrong :)

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Please use the "ADD REPLY" t_reply.gif button at the bottom of the page when replying :angry:

I agree, Kaspersky is great.

Well you should be using an AntiVirus, it also protects against exploits, malcious scripts, etc... not just viruses :angry:

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