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Internet slow after reformat


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Hello, i have a Compaq s3000nx with an emachines au31 replacement motherboard 448 MB ram 2.17ghz athlon 3200 cpu windows xp sp3.

last night i reformatted, for no real big reason - one partition, and i defragged earlier drive C still no improvement.... anyways...

my internet, since the reformat is noticabley slower. Pages load slower, youtube vidoes slower, downloads slower.

any suggestions, please?

oh yeah, i have also downloaded and installed all new microsoft updates

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Please provide following details, so that someone may be able to assist you:

  • 1. OS version including 32/64-bit
    2. Installed Security Product(s) including Firewall
    3. MBAM version (current 1.46)
    4. Definition version (current 44966)
    5. Do you use a router to connect to Internet

One of the biggest problems I see so far is you only have 448 MB ram, that is really low for windows XP.

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32 bit

Avast free - any firewalls are set to default, i didnt mess with any of that

i no longer have MBAM

I use a router, in a network with one other computer, my cousin's in the other room.

my ram was working just fine for me before the reformat, Fox - i was happy, at least tolerant of the speed i was getting

for example download speeds on an average file from megaupload got up to 1-2mb/s(that was fine with me), now im getting no faster than 200kb/s

please dont suggest i buy anything either.

thanks, Fox

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"please dont suggest i buy anything either." - I stated that already, stay on task or GTFO. Besides, that doesn't help me understand why my internet's slower after I reformatted YESTERDAY or has "have more than 448mb of ram for windows xp" been the general consensus for just two days now?

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Hi -

First try the usual (even on a reinstall) - Defrag , Disc Cleanup and ckeck on installed items in Control Panel ADD/REMOVE -

(448mb of ram for windows xp) Is this correct or just the reading , when you think it should be more , not forgetting how much is required to run the unit -

(or GTFO , Please NO)

Have you called your ISP to see if there are faults in your area ??

Also have you finished installing ALL windows updates for XP SP -

Thank You -

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