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An Armenian suspected of masterminding a computer worm that infected at least 30 million computers worldwide,stole financial information

and sent billions of malicious emails,has been arrested.

Dutch Police seized and disconnected 143 computer servers that were being used by the cyber-criminals,to co-ordinate one of the biggest

'botnet' attacks ever recorded. The malicious worm,named Bredolab, could infect up to 3 million computers a month and send more than 3.6

billion emails a day.

Infected machines will receive a notice detailing the extent of the damage and advice on removing it.

Source: The Guardian Newspaper 27/10/10

Reporter: Josh Halliday

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Bredolab botnet shut down

Year 2010 is becoming a good year in shutting down big botnets.

Latest case: Bredolab.

The Dutch National Crime Squad has announced a major takedown. The people behind the botnet have not been caught, but the servers (hosted in LeaseWeb IP space) have been taken over, effectively shutting down the botnet.



Dutch Authorities Disrupt Bredolab Botnet

The servers were hosted by a reseller of LeaseWeb, the largest Web hosting company in the Netherlands, which collaborated in the investigation with the KLPD High Tech Crime Team (THCT), the Dutch Forensic Institute, the Computer Emergency Response Team of the Dutch Government (GOVCERT.NL) and a security vendor called Fox-IT.


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